Hard Wet Soft

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04:14min, 2018
Video with sound
The background of Hard Wet Soft is a colour-intensive gradient, which is crossed by scanned and modified ink and chalk drawings. Due to their magnification, they are sometimes heavily pixelated and the original motif is no longer recognizable.

Throughout the video work, abstract, three-dimensional objects push and rotate through the picture. They are partly reminiscent of organic body parts, machine parts or figures from board or video games. Common to all is, that they are in regular, seemingly infinite motion.

A black, simple frame surrounds the picture for the entire length. From time to time, a hand emerges, stroking and tapping the picture. We look at it from below, as if looking out of a smartphone or other touch screen device.

The flickering text blends seamlessly into the picture composition. The repeatedly oscillate in different positions, straight and mirrored, to emphasize the different perspectives of before and behind the screen.